Push Pause Cardio & Leg Burner Special

Hello Hello Possibler’s!
The two workouts we’ve got for you this week are complete contrasts:
The first we have is an interesting cardio workout that takes exactly 30 mins.  You’ll probably want it to be shorter. Grin.  The funny thing, is that there are actually rests in it – which make it HARDER??? What?  Yep. they let you reset just enough so that you go harder, and also need to reset your momentum.
The second is a pure and simple leg burner workout.  Its effective, circuit based and is a perfect no-brainer workout for those days where you just want to head in and do something simple whilst listening to a podcast or music.  Sometimes we don’t want to over think things and just want an effective workout.Aug Week 2 FB Ad 2018 (1)

This Week’s Online Squad Workouts

Coming out Wednesday at 9:00am

When Was The Last Time You Skipped?

Yep – we have two workouts for you this week.  Not one workout and a supplementary program – TWO workouts.
The first is a cardio specific workout, based around running for moderate distances and then interrupting the rhythm with functional strength that requires significant oxygen consumption.  With multiple rounds involved – how efficient can you be with re-establishing your breathing patterns?
The second workout is based around skipping! A fabulous workout mechanic, it burns a STACK of calories very quickly.  Besides, we’re guessing you guys haven’t skipped for a while, so it should be worth a giggle or two to boot.
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