Training For High Score and Acceleration Through Fatigue


The two workouts this week have two very different theme flavours about them – though they’re both quite intense in application.


Scoreboard is a series of exercises done for a prescribed time – where you are trying to max out either distance, calories or reps.  Over the course of 7 exercises, you will accumulate points, and you can either compete against friends, or yourself over two attempts.  Max-out workouts can be pretty gross, so we’ve put a fun spin on it.  Its also interesting how having the motivation of friendly “competition” at something puts things into a more tolerable light.  

Sweet Speed:

Going fast and hard on a first attempt is one thing.  Experience and knoweledge go a long way into understanding how moves work, how combinations of actions feel, and what the threshold’s presented are.  So over three rounds, and ever-decreasing repetitions – even though you are fatiguing – can you accelerate your work pace?  Knowing that the reps are less, can you off-set that by moving through them more quickly?  An interesting application.  Let’s try it.
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Interval Training Workouts: 1 For Speed – 1 For Endurance

So here’s what’s happening this week friends.  We have two workouts that are quite similar in structure.  One of these is designed to help promote your confidence in speed….one is to build your endurance under pressure.
Our First, and shorter one, is called “Mimic”.
 Designed to do a few things: – Improve your confidence in pushing your maximum efforts (i.e, discovering where your speed limits are and testing them safely) – Get the body used to transitioning between cardio and strength elements – Practice interval heartrate and metabolic control….i.e turning hardwork efforts on and off.
Best done with a partner, more for support than anything else, but absolutely able to be done solo as well.  A solid Abdominal set tacked onto the end as well for that stability and 6-pack pop!
The longer of the pairing is called “Labyrinth”.
 Simple, solid work. Nothing overtly complicated – just complete for time.  A mixture of longer cardio efforts – you can swap out runs for bike rides (just multiply the distances by 3) – and functional body strength work.  This workout is a slower burner that will get you adapting through effort load changes to find your working rhythms over 5 rounds.  Clarification – a handstand wall walk, is where you walk your feet up a wall, but the height is up to you. Not confident with a high handstand?  Have your feet lower down, closer towards a plank position.
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This Week’s Programs: Fast Twitch Trainer – Brute Force Builder

How often do you actually train for fast twitch muscles?  

Too often people just expect there to be a level of fast twitch, or they just accept that “this is how fast I am”.  Nope. Like anything, you can train to be faster – and like anything, it takes time.  We have a workout that is designed to push your speed, that’s the focus, everything else is there to give the speed push a rest, then hit it again.  We call it AFTERBURNER:

A speed and fast-twitch trainer. a grand total of 2.5km of running. Not far. But its all done at maximum speed. As the workout heads towards the finish, the reps of work in-between get less….but is that a good thing? Try to maintain a flat out run each and every time. The challenge wont be about breathing, but rather in keeping the muscles moving at a fast-twitch level. They’re going to want to relax around set 5.

Testing muscular endurance with mental endurance.

The other workout is a mental strength as well as pure strength workout.  Its based around ensuring you get maximum RANGE of motion.  It will get REALLY tempting to just get reps out, but you will be short-changing yourself.  You do this with perfect range, each and every time – therein lies the path to improvement. You are probably going to have singing shoulders and humming hamstrings after this treat which we’ve titled “Odds and Evens”. 
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New Workouts For the Online Crew

Yep – this one is a bit of a challenge. Often, workouts are broken into multiple rounds “sets”. There’s lots of reasons for this, physically – but there’s also the mental side of breaking things up to make the overall number more palatable. Yeah….we’re going to get rid of all that. Its start to finish – but now you’ve got to have the mental strength to just push EVERY rep out, all the distances – it’s just as much part of the training as the physical.

The Core Challenge – follows the same theme as the workout. Its end to end and to MAKE SURE you get a solid BURN – we give it a little special sauce RIGHT at the end.

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Why Stretching Will Be The Best Thing For Your Training

The Break-Down

Stretching is often seen as a more of a dancer’s, a gymnast’s or a high performance athlete’s domain.  Its not uncommon to hear tell of people not doing ANY stretching at all.  I love having these conversations, because there is so much opportunity for those such people to have almost OVERNIGHT drastic improvements in their trainiHelena Hatng.  Yes, stretching is very often though of as being a way to recover after a session, and yes it absolutely does that – but it also helps your other training attributes like strength, power, speed and endurance.  Seriously – let me explain.


How it works

Here’s the really quick summary on why it’s going to help your training.  The more flexibility you have through a joint – and by joint I mean all the elements like tendons, ligaments, muscles – the greater the range of motion you run that joint through.  But not just that – it means that you can exert force through a greater range.  More force, for more time = higher jumps, heavier squats, more efficiency in action.

Now lets apply that same principle with some cardio.  As we perform endurance work (say anything towards 20 min and longer) – we start to feel the muscles tighten up with the by-products of our activity (lactic acid etc).  This causes our muscles to contract, it gets harder to continue the full range of motion.  The longer your muscles are, Pete Jumpand the more efficient they are at moving through the required range – the longer you have, in greater ranges of motion.  I.e, they start shortening but because they were longer to begin with, you still have a great range of  motion and can maintain speed.

And yes – stretching is absolutely going to help get rid of that next day soreness.  Maybe not entirely, but its going to be a hell of a lot better than it was if you hadn’t. Particularly after those big session where you’ve pushed some limits or gone for some new PB lifts.


What should you do?


It doesn’t have to be much either.  2 mins on each leg, 2 mins through the shoulders and torso and then wherever else feels fatigued.  That’s 6 mins total – which is super easy to achieve, and yet most people can’t be bothered.

Try this out for size.


Hip Flexorhip_flexor_stretch




Triceps & RotatorsShoudler mobility.jpg


Lower Backback stretch

Upper BackUpper back


Basic Stretches – Big Results.


Give them a go after your next session – and if nothing else, feel amazing and ready for more afterwards. You won’t regret it.