Fiona’s MTN Bike Charge – A Story Of Sport Passion

Today we’d like to introduce you to a client and friend of ours, Fiona.  Fiona is one of the quietest and humblest achievers I think I’ve met and it so turns out she has a love for adrenaline like no-one else with her passion for competitive downhill mountain biking.  A competitor in this years’ Queensland Gravity Enduro series – Fiona has been achieving amazing results on the track – and with the amount of hard work she puts in, it’s not too difficult to see why.


So What’s She Actually Doing?

In a nutshell?  Downhill Mtn Biking, but done in the following way (I’ve read up on the series and spoken with Fiona on this, but if I get the details wrong here, it’s entirely my own mistake):

Each event is a series of downhill tracks that must be undertaken, the catch however, is that the riders must then ride (or walk/push/climb), their bikes to the point of start for the next downhill section.  So the race is not merely a series of timed downhills, but also a matter of endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness as the riders need to traverse to the next section start point.   Which may be uphill…….a LONG way uphill.  I don’t think I need to tell you that being physically and mentally fatigued, and THEN going hell for leather downhill is a challenging prospect.  And there are some serious schenanigans at play here – check this airtime of Fiona……you need some serious speed to be pulling this off.

So…..Much….Brass…..Fiona In Flight


Apart From The Obvious Why Is It So Impressive?

Fiona is in her 40’s and has the mental and physical toughness of someone in their 20’s.  With mid-20’s considered to be the prime time for high adrenaline sports, what Fiona is achieving and doing with ease is absolutely remarkable.  Talking to her about it, the first thing she’ll say is that she’s doing nothing special, after all she’s had a BMX history and has ridden bikes her whole life.  As an Athlete Coach and someone who also gets their thrills from high octane – I beg to differ.  In fact – the photo above….I’d much rather skydive 50 times, than take this jump on at the speed she does.  And this is one obstacle on one track on one event day.  Nerves…of…steel.  And this year she has

One of many Podiums this year

routinely been on the podium!!!  And has multiple sponsorships in support of her charge, justifying her ability on the track.

I shouldn’t be surprised really.  When she’s not flying through trees, working full time and practicing the courses – she comes and trains with the Assume Its Possible TRITAN squad.  I’m not going to lie when I say she gives it her absolute all as well.  Just finished a 12hr night shift?  Raced the day before?  No worries….turns up, smiles and the ridiculousness of the workout challenge that I’ve come up with on a full sleep and recovery….and jumps in! To describe Fiona as dedicated would be – understatement.

An Athlete Following Her Passions:

The thing is – I had no idea that Fiona did all this until very recently.  I knew she rode bikes.  I knew she did mountain biking.  But at the competitive level she’s at – and frankly through the craziness of some of the courses….I had zero inkling…She just does it because she loves the sport. She’s a huge advocate for biking in general, but I’ve only found out through general conversations and some background digging, that she is the athlete she is….and yes Fiona – you are, accept it please :).  Today’s post is about Fiona and her passion.  A showcase that someone can train rigorously, put hours upon hours of effort and background work in – and achieve quietly for the love of the Sport.

Find the passion in what you do.  Love your training, lifestyle and efforts.  The end result is not necessarily important – but rather the enjoyment had in the process.  Fiona – you such a humble achiever, and today we’d just like to train our little spotlight on you.

Cheers To You Fiona – Following Your Passion


Weekly Workouts: Welcome To VomBomb! Yeah we’re not kidding 😉

Just published for our online squad!!

Grin – yes one of the workouts today is labelled Vombomb. The great thing is it’s short. The other one coming at you guys this week is WARP DRIVE. Also short, but strength based, this week is all about getting in, getting the workout done and getting back out again.

Join our team:

We put out two programs each and every week – just like these… For next to nothing! $3 a week. And if we don’t do it, you don’t get charged.

Oh we really like this bad boy. Preferably done with a team mate as there’s some setup with treadmills involved. If you’re hitting it solo, no fear, just do the prep in between (you’ll see what we mean). Utilising a preload move for maximal muscle and O2 fatigue, we then push through a Max Speed set of work. Sounds delicious, is delicious. Don’t eat before this one.

Another short one, but no fear, it has calorie and strength burn in spades. Alternating work and rest sets, the change comes from having to give your all for repeated short blocks, which is exceptionally challenging mentally.

One Cardio, one Strength, both time efficient and full of butt-kickery. You’re in for a solid teaching week friends.

Alicia’s Surf Life Saving World Charge


Alicia – Charging Hard

A.I.P would like to throw out a huge congratulations to Sunshine Coast Super Sports Gal, and Client, Alicia!

Currently in Adelaide for the Lifesaving World Championships, competing for her

local club of Maroochydore. Only part-way through competition to date –  Alicia recently took out 3rd Place in the Youth Ski Event Final.  In challenging wind and chop conditions, and a supremely competitive field, Alicia took charge of the back end of the race to pull herself up several positions to finish 3rd in a huge effort.  “Well Done!’ just doesn’t come close to covering it.

You may also recognise Alicia from previous news earlier this year where she represented Australia in Bulgaria for the Individual Kayaking 1000m World Championship – she just continues from strength to strength in 2018.

Reaping The Rewards of Months of Training – 3rd Place!


We’re excited to say that she’s racing again today in the mixed teams event as the paddler – this event comprises a Swimmer, Runner, Ski Paddler and Board Paddler.  2 gentlemen and 2 ladies are the required make-up of the team.  The whole event and future days can be watched live streaming on the Event Youtube Channel here:

Good Luck – and Charge Hard!




All About The Spartan Race

Over the weekend – We (Pete and Wayne) participated in our first Spartan Race.  For those that don’t know:

Pete and Wayne
Wayne (left) & Pete (right)

Spartan Race is the world’s biggest obstacle race series, designed to get regular people motivated, active, and training for a life changing challenge!
There are three primary course distances from 7km, 14km and 21km, and three wave types to cater for various levels of competition – Elite (pro competition), Age Category (still race format) and Open Wave (for fun completion).

Now both Pete and Wayne have done numerous obstacle type events before, but this is the first competitive version that we’ve done. Being fit lads, and having undertaken a solid dose of HIIT workout training as well as long distance running from myself (Pete), we entered into the competitive 7km age group race with the intention of cruising along with the pack and getting an idea of how it all works.


Obstacles and Abilities:

So the question on everyone’s minds – how hard is it?  Well firstly, the 7km is NOT flat.  Its on sloped and rocky terrain, you frequently run up and down hills and through creeks.  So in order to actually run the whole distance, you will need to have trained running LONGER than 7km and also with varying speeds.  The obstacles, much to our delight, were actually physically challenging.  They range from:

  • Crawling through tunnels
  • Under barbed-wire
  • Climbing a rope to touch a cowbell
  • Ring swinging
  • Climbing over a wall that is leaning towards you (no feet available)
  • Throwing a spear at a target to make it stick


BurpeeIn our 7km race, we had around 20 obstacles and all of them require a degree of skill and physical exhertion that needs to be balanced against how fast you’ve been running and how breathless you are.  The reason this is a factor – if you fail an obstacle, you are required to do 30 burpees – chest to touch the ground, and a jump clap for every rep.

Let’s answer the question straight up – can anyone do this?  Absolutely.  Provided you don’t mind walking, or doing a stack of burpees for missed obstacles, absolutely anyone can finish the SPARTAN RACE.


Fitness Required:

So if you want to actually try and finish the event without doing a single burpee, in our opinion, you will need to be able to physically complete the following:

  • Be able to complete at least 3 strict pullups
  • Balance on a 30mm strip for 10m
  • Be able to hold your body weight via your grip strength for about 5-10 seconds before replacing your feet
  • Understand how to climb a rope (its all in the legs – seriously)


There will always be the aspect of being tired and a bit out of breath to make things more complicated, and you’ll most likely be sweaty and/or wet which also makes things challenging.  Also – practice throwing a spear.  Seriously, get a broom handle or something similar and understand how to throw it straight – its the easier obstacle that MOST people stuff up.

If you want to be competitive – then you’re going to have to be able to comfortably be able to run 10km.  But wait – Pete, didn’t you say it’s 7km?  Yep, but with the changing terrain, the constant stop and start, as well as changing energy systems required to undertake obstacles, you’re going to want to have a long distance endurance to continually run the whole way.  And that’s if you’re undertaking the 7km Sprint.  This obviously scales up for the longer distances.  Strength-wise, you will want to be able to do 10 pullups easily (being able to do a muscle up doesnt go astray), able to hang from your fingertips, run uphill and climb a rope at speed without thinking about it.

Trail Run

So how did we do?

Well, actually better than we intended!  Over the last 2 months, I (Pete) have been pushing my squads through workouts designed to target the skillsets as outlined above, including longer distance endurance.  Both Wayne and myself started easy and just running with the pack.Finshers  About 1km in, we realised we were actually in the front groups and decided that we should have a go of it. I can’t speak for Wayne, but I upped my run pace to about 70% of max (not knowing what was coming meant saving some juice) – and found that people start too hard and run out of steam at the 5km mark.  Long story short – Wayne (mid Forties), finished 61st overall and 7th in his age group (40-49)

– Pete (early 30’s), finished 14th overall and 3rd in his age group (30-39)

So we’re absolutely stoked with this effort and the next race is Spartan Gold Coast, and you can bet that we’re targetting the next race up (14km) and this time…..we’re in it to win it!


Let us know – we’d love to have a massive squad all coming together to achieve personal goals.  The power to achieve your personal targets, is made easier with the support of a great team – and the community around A.I.P has some truly incredible people.

A.I.P – Taking New Steps

Here’s the first blog post we’ve written in quite a while! Between building hospitals, building our own home, training, running this company – we’ve learned how to squeeze 36 hrs into 24 it seems (and we’re getting good at building!).

First up – there’s changes here at Assume It’s Possible – Big Changes!

What’s Going On?

We’re now a fully running Fitness and Lifestyle business.  Probably more accurately, we’ve hit the point where this wonderful concept of helping others with their dreams, building plans to achieve them, and then going for it, can be a full-time job!  That means that for founder Pete, he’s parked the engineering career and is chasing the passion of helping people achieve their own dreams of functional fitness for life.



What’s Coming?


It’s been a 2 year process and it’s exciting – for both us and for what we are hoping to offer you guys too.  See, fitness services have this stigma attached to them of being horrendously expensive, requiring face-to-face commitments and your time.  Well we’ve got a way around that and in the next few days, will be opening up a multi-tiered system of affordable training options that you can absolutely do at your own pad.  Live in Antarctica? No worries! A submarine? (*crap did we plan for a submarine? And do they even get wifi?*),  And the best bit, is that it’s going to be refreshing each week so that you constantly have new material to work with – being bored sucks and doing the same stuff over and over walks right that path of suckatash.



If you’re just part of A.I.P cos’ we share our passion of learning, exploration and positivity – then none of that is going anywhere either.  We’ll keep chasing new ideas, getting the inspiration for positive change and getting it out in the Digital Void.

See You Soon

So keep watching this space, because we’re going to be bringing those options, and how we’re delivering it, to you soon.

Otherwise keep on keeping on in the best way you know how.  There aren’t enough people willing to help others, to put themselves out to make this place a wonderful one for us all.  Together we start that change – little by little we bRunring light to ALL.

Yours in big goofy smiles – Pete.