A Week of Absolute EPIC: Two of The Toughest Workouts We’ve Ever Released

Releasing on Wednesday 9am:

We’ve got two massively challenging workouts for you.  Now hold up – massively challenging doesn’t mean out of reach.. These are accessible to anyone and just need the mental fortitude to persevere through.  Break each of these workouts down into small parts – target them bit by bit rather than focusing on the whole outcome, which can be overwhelming.  Training is not just physical, but mental as well.
You can join our squad – and receive our functional fitness workouts (2 of them!) each and every week.  $3 a week is all it will set you back.  Head on over to our platform to check it out.

El Diablo

This one’s going to play with your mind. There’s going to be lots of “C’mon step down, C’mon just stop” thoughts going on. Just as much as this is a big physical workout, it’s a huge mental exercise. My advice, don’t stop moving. Start each section slowly as the body adjusts, and then once it does, increase speed. Rather than hard stop, which doesn’t achieve anything, keep moving slowly, keep making progress as you recover. Keep the positivity in action and watch the mind rally.
Simulating a Spartan Sprint distance, with assaults to rip air out of you as per obstacles…and then burpees just to put the final capstone in place. Fitness ready for anything!


Active strength – i.e using strength in a mobile situation. It’s one thing to utilise muscle strength in static isolation, and another entirely to be able to do it whilst moving in an applicable situation.
The ligaments and tendons in the shoulders are going to love you tomorrow. Farmer’s carry’s are just the best too hey? There is a real fine line between balancing out speed, and being able to actually get some oxygen in.
And to kick it all at the end – THREE abdominal sets back to back. Tasty!
Once again – check it all out on:
It can’t hurt to take a look
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Training With Result: Our Next TRITAN Squad

What is TRITAN:

Broken up into 4 week training blocks – The name originates from combining the two different training styles required for Triathlon and Spartan. Two very different cardio and functional strength groups, that when we blend them together just right – create one hell of a wholistic training regime. Want to take on just about any event? We’ll have you ready. We get you pushed with pure fitness of course, but we take it into mindset, confidence and skills to adapt and utilise the new cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and co-ordination that we will put you through. Why don’t we show you some example workouts? And yes – they are absolutely doable.

Training Times:

There are 3 training days per week and each training day has the same session running 3 times a day:

  • Monday – 30 mins Cardio
  • Thursday – 30 mins Strength
  • Friday – 60 mins Event Simulation (combination of both)

The times on each day are as follows:

  • 5:00am
  • 9:30am
  • 5:30pm

Pricing Structure:

We have two pricing structures:

  • Pay as you go
  • Up Front Payment

Pay as you go is a $15 per session and is best suited to those who may make 1 or maybe 2 sessions a week.

Upfront is $135 for the entire month – which gives you unlimited sessions (you can in theory train multiple times a day) and you get all 3 training days covered. If you intend on coming to every training day – you end up saving $45, or basically get a week for free!


Want to talk to us more about it? You get in contact with us the following ways:

Everything is possible. Never hold back. We celebrate and encourage the human ability to learn any skill with positivity and desire. No dream is too big.


Warm-Up: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Oh that’s a broad sweeping statement isn’t it?

Yep.  By and large this is something so many people can work on to see immediate and drastic improvements in your workouts, particularly at the beginning.  A proper warm-up should have you at a point where you can, at worst, move yourself through ranges of motion and cardiovascular action comfortably…. at best – you should be able to execute all of that at peak performace levels.  This means that by the end of your “warm-up” – you are RED HOT to go!  Sweating!  Breathing Hard!

The name “warm-up” is incredibly misleading.  Let’s talk about how we can improve our warm-ups with proper engagement and specific targeting.

We upload 2 weekly workouts each, and every, week – you can join our crew for $3 a week! https://www.patreon.com/Assumeitspossible

Everything is possible. Never hold back. We celebrate and encourage the human ability to learn any skill with positivity and desire. No dream is too big.

We love gaming, fitness, technology, nutrition, learning – basically….everything. You can see more of what we get up to and the events we sponsor and organise at:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/assumeitspossible/
Website – http://www.assumeitspossible.com

The 1000 Calorie Challenge (downloadable workout included)

1000 Calories – It’s both more than you think, and not as hard as you think.  Break up the objective into smaller targets and anything is doable.  A cracking workout you can do in your own gym, and a real point of pride once you’ve knocked it over.  Allow yourself about 90 mins +- 15 mins depending on your individual speed.  The Assume Its Possible Team had minimum amounts of cardio to do on particular elements which was broken up as per below…This image btw, has been set up so that you can download the file to your phone and give it a crack yourselves.

1000 Calorie Challenge

Check out our crew knocking it out this morning.  Some thoughts and tips from myself (Pete) to go along with it.  Its going to make you sweat big time – but it’s far from impossible. Grab yourself some good friends, or some good music and just let the body move for 90 mins.  You’ll be so proud of yourself for doing it.


Pretty Simple – 1000 Calories. Simple doesn’t mean easy though.  We’re not just aiming for fit – but to be fit at everything. Well rounded fitness.

New Years Workouts – Bring It On 2019

Motivation for a new year is here:
New Year, New Year – New Year is HERE! 
The two workouts this week come in multi-parts.  Got a solid chunk of time? Then go for the whole 9 yards and complete the full workout.  Limited to 20-30mins?  Pick one aspect and then go hard and fast.  Choice is the flavour – and no matter what your constraints, you can always fit in something!
This introduces some complex moves – and some supremely challenging moves – Namely the handstand pushup.  Now this move is going to be out of reach of most people at first.  We highly recommend walking your feet up a wall and HOLDING the handstand for time (seconds) equivalent to the number of reps specified.  That said, if you’re able to attempt the pushup, no matter how small the range, then definitely undertake that action to begin the strengthening process.
There are 3 sets in this program – taking heed of what we previously said, undertake as many as your timeframe allows.
A dual set of work is involved here. Each set has a cardio AND a strength block.  Do one, or do both! 
The concept behind this program is an all-around style workout.  You will do speed sets, endurance running, heavier loads and body strength.  The final result is fatigue through all fitness aspects and an aim to improve all of them.  A practical application of energy – it is rare in real life to only need strength, or only cardio.  Usually, it’s a combination of both to some degree, so we’ve utilised this – only the degrees are….high. Grin.
Join our online crew for $3 a week.  2 workouts – each and every week.
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