The Uphill Battle & A Choose Your Own Difficulty Workout

This Wednesday – coming out at 9am – Two brand new workouts for our Online Crew.  $3 a week will grab you our weekly fitness program dump.  Yep, instead of ONE coffee, you can get 2 functional fitness programs.

Some new themes here my friends.  A more standard type workout, and then a choose you own path and level workout.
The first cardio workout is going to show you how to use the gradient on your treadmill in new and interesting ways.  An uphill run.  An ever increasingly steep uphill run… uphill run that eventually uses weights… uphill run that plateaus and then has a sprint finish.  Standard. Grin.
The Choose your own difficulty workout almost 3 mini sessions in one.  You could do either Part 1, OR part 2, OR part 3 as an individual workout.  Feel like more of a session?  Then do 2 parts together.  Feel like a solid hero workout?  Bang all three together and see how you go.  So much choice.November week 4 FB Ad - 2018.jpg