Flexibility – Why It’s SO Important To Your Fitness (Video)

Flexibility is one of the most underrated parts of any fitness regime – and yet it’s so incredibly easy to do something about. let’s talk about how you can help it, why you should help it, and what happens if you don’t.
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A Speed Training Tools and a Big Mother Workout

Know how to train?  Just want some interesting, balanced and also some hard as hell workouts? We post training workouts each and every week to help your cardio, functional strength and transitional fitness.  $3 a week through Patreon’s secure platform (check it out!) and you only ever get charged if we actually post the workouts!  You can’t lose!


Training Tools – We call this one “Clockwork”

A workout that’s designed for you to have a play with how your body responds to particular speeds. We use this to see how fast you can comfortably hold a cardiovascular pace using one of three options. 4 blocks of that option – the first one will be the most uncomfortable, and then the body will start to settle into the pace.
Experiment and understand what your body does under certain paces…What’s your current “this is my safe pace I know I can hold” speed? What happens if you put it 1km/hr faster? Its going to be a bit yuck, but I bet you can hold it.
This is how we get better – and how we get a better understanding of how we feel under loading, creating better methods of dealing with it.
Ultimately, making you a more efficient and mentally strong athlete.

BIG MOTHER – “Tectonic”

Yeah we mean this – this is a BIG workout.  With 4 blocks of work, you may want to start with 1 or 2 of them, building up to 3 and then finally the whole thing.  This is also written with the highest options for the workout.  If you need/want to take options for pull-ups (feet on floor and body on an incline from a strap/bar) or handstand pushups (normal pushups on toes or knees) – then absolutely do that!  These workouts are designed with functional mechanics in mind, if a particular move is currently out of reach, then definitely swap it with an alternative. 
This one has more endurance focus. Less changes of moves, i.e longer sets in strength, and longer cardio blocks. You have more time to get the body used to the transition from one to the other. If done again – the improvement areas, would be to try and jump up one weight category OR to hit the cardio sessions faster OR to go for an overall faster time.
The triggers to take a heavier weight is if you can achieve each weight set unbroken. I.e, if you don’t need to stop on 30 reps – it’s too light.
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The Uphill Battle & A Choose Your Own Difficulty Workout

This Wednesday – coming out at 9am – Two brand new workouts for our Online Crew.  $3 a week will grab you our weekly fitness program dump.  Yep, instead of ONE coffee, you can get 2 functional fitness programs.

Some new themes here my friends.  A more standard type workout, and then a choose you own path and level workout.
The first cardio workout is going to show you how to use the gradient on your treadmill in new and interesting ways.  An uphill run.  An ever increasingly steep uphill run…..an uphill run that eventually uses weights…..an uphill run that plateaus and then has a sprint finish.  Standard. Grin.
The Choose your own difficulty workout almost 3 mini sessions in one.  You could do either Part 1, OR part 2, OR part 3 as an individual workout.  Feel like more of a session?  Then do 2 parts together.  Feel like a solid hero workout?  Bang all three together and see how you go.  So much choice.November week 4 FB Ad - 2018.jpg

New Week – New Workouts



We have two scenarios for you:
1) You’re super time pressed, you need something you can blast out in 30 mins and feel like the whole body has had a good workout both cardio-wise and strength-wise.  We have one here for you.  The “In and Out Blaster” is designed to be done as fast as possible for several rounds, combining both cardio and strength formats to leave the body feeling worked and calories burnt.
2) The second is for the days where you REALLY want to push yourself. You want to see what you have in the tank? These workouts only come along every so often on the schedule – so make these count.  Have a good read through the workout, it is designed to be done AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. See what you can do!  Not going to lie – this one is MEANT to push your buttons – the good thing is, it’s short.
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