Free Weekly Workouts December 16th

Let’s train for some events this week shall we – and maybe get you onto some machines that you aren’t all that familiar with!


This workout is all about continuous climbing.  A leg sculptor through and through.  The idea behind this workout is that speed is irrelevant, and continuous push is the key.  If you can get through the entire workout without stopping, but by managing your speed, then you’ve done it correctly!  Its going to be one incredible leg burn though – we assure you that!

Ever Upwards.png

Cooli Gold!

Maybe you’re familiar with the huge event that is the Coolangatta Gold, maybe you aren’t.  For those who are not – here is the Surf Life Saving event in its long course form.

Ski 23km

Run 2.1km

Swim 3.5km

Board 6.1km

Run 7.1km


Just digest that for a little bit – there’s a LOT going on here.  Now we train a few people for this event from a cardio perspective and this event is VERY weather dependent with regard to training.  Horrible outdoor weather means training for these specific elements is usually cancelled.  However – this workout allows our athletes to train the right muscle groups, and practice their speed and endurance whilst still being inside!  One we programmed last year and found it to be immensely useful – we hope you enjoy it, we’ve provided 3 different levels to play around with depending on how much time you have.

Cooli Gold (1).png

As always – train hard, train smart, train safe.

Cheers Gang – Pete.

Weekend Workouts!

So we’ve got two weekend workouts for you. One for you and a friend or partner, cos kicking ass together is the best (and walking on wobbly legs is funnier together) – and a workout for when you’re just not sure what you want to focus on.

Dead Leg Partner Power:

As the name implies this workout is all about smashing the hell out of the ol’ legs. But not just heavy lifts. In addition to the heavy trap bar, we’ve got sprint work and controlled lunges riiiigghhhhttt at the end, y’know when that kind of stuff is challenging as all hell – cos that’s how we roll 😉

Lil’ Everything:

You know you should have a workout, but just not feeling the regular class or session. Not sure what you ACTUALLY feel like doing? Why not just dona little bit of everything? Sometimes just getting to the gym is the mission and you just want a workout that ticks all the boxes. That’s this one. Short steady state cardio, some strength, some abs, some speed and a final short kicker to get you feeling good about your session. Sometimes you just need that workout to say you’ve had one. We get it.

Timed Cardio – Can You Move Under Pressure?

So, you reckon you can cardio?

Grin.  Really?  I’m not talking long distance time, i’m talking 25 and 30 min bursts of flat out effort.  Still reckon you’ve got the goods?  Let’s see:

Let’s talk about the GROSS one: UPCHUCK CITY:

Yeah it’s got this name for a reason.  You have 30 mins to try and get this bad boy finished….it can definitely be done, absolutely – but it’s tough mentally.  It means you need to keep moving the whole way.  Not neccessarily especially fast, but when a fair chunk of this is UPHILL – continuing to move is a tough ask.  You haven’t had to breath until you try and chain Assault Bikes and Uphill running together.  Hello Lungs.

Our Slightly Shorter – SHOCK WAVE.

Much faster and with NO uphill running.  5 rounds, with your choice of run or ride and then straight into a body strength sequence.  The cool thing about body strength, is that there is typically zero isolation.  Whatever the primary muscle focus is, the rest of the body is being used as a support mechanism – which means all the muscles are being used, which means oxygen is being used, which you don’t have because you’ve just spent it all on the cardio….nasty right?  We like it.  Can you get this one done in 25mins?

You’re up for a challenge right?  Pete.

FB Dec wk1 - 2019.png

Contrast Training and Getting Better at Push-Ups

Two new workouts – one based on being able to switch between speed and strength rapidly and efficiently, the other is all about Push-ups! Allllllll about push-ups.


This workout is the one based on efficient muscle group switching.  It’s one thing to be fast, it’s one thing to be strong……It’s quite challenging to be able to both interchangeably.  Multi-skilled, all-rounder etc are the terms often used for sports like obstacle racing or crossfit for example.  This workout is all about this mechanic and we apply it over several different forms of exercise and motion.  Enjoy 😉

Push-Up Progression:

Push-ups, there are so many variations, it involves so much more than just the arms.  Some use triceps, some use chest, some are much more core dominant.  The timing of action can also have a MASSIVE impact on how much muscle impact you have as well.  We’ve put together a variation blend of all the different types, paired them up with different actions and finally put them all into different styles of workouts.  You’re gonna find it hard to drive home after this upper body asskick.


Nov wk2 - 2019.png

Free Workouts This Week – Are you Brave Enough to Face Yourself?

Yes Friends – this week the workouts are free.  We thought you might like that and we’ve not skimped out on them either, grin – these are mental testers through and through.  One is VERY short – the other LONG.  The name of the game is all about tricking your mind – the requirements for each workout are very simple, there is nothing complicated in the slightest.  But can you get your mind prepared to do what’s necessary?  Willpower.  Bravery.  Just do what you can – IT. IS. ENOUGH… can ask you to give more than you are able to.  So be brave.  Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the presence of it, and yet the will to carry on.  One of my favourite quotes.
You can download and save both workouts from the images below.
Check out the programs we have each week in more detail (for $3 a week) over at:


Love it. I think it’s literally the shortest active workout I’ve ever created, and yet, one of the most efficient calorie burners. Most of us will burn between 300-350 calories for the total 12 active minutes. Yep, you’re working for only 12 mins and that’s the burn….not even factoring in the post exercise metabolic burn. Man I love solid sessions. Ever increasing oxygen requirements. Ever changing muscle engagement from faster action to slower power and through to strength. We go from easier efforts to harder efforts to train our minds. Could we have done it the other way around? Yes… Yes we could have….but that wouldn’t have taught the mind anything would it? 


Our big bad – though it comes in 3 flavours.  A set of endurance Assault Bike. A set of endurance Skierg.  And a Run.
See these two machines get a name for being spew machines, and that name is well deserved make no mistake…..however – they are also VERY usable over endurance periods, you just need to back down to the point at which you are not burning more oxygen than you can replace.  Herein lies the mental aspect – once you find that point, can you then persevere and have the patience to complete the calorie counts as described.  Have some music, have a podcast, have a mate – and stand tall when you tick these boxes off.  You will be surprised at how quickly you actually do it! The first option in particular should be 30mins or less.  The BIG DADDY?  Well, we’ve done it in 1hr 29mins.  
Are you game?