November Free Workouts – Cardio HIIT’s

Two very different workouts today.

The similarity they share is they are both very cardiovascular. ¬†Something that we see less and less people train nowadays ūüėČ


One that the Crossfitters and HIIT athletes will like. ¬†You have two moves – you do them one after the other, as fast as you can – for 10 rounds. ¬†Super simple – Super hard. ¬†This is one of those workouts where you are just burying yourself in the hurt locker for 20-30 minutes and seeing what comes out the other side. ¬†One that often teaches you a lot about your physical fitness and mental willpower. ¬†It’s as hard as you want to make it – how fast can you be?


Lots of people find treadmill running boring… To which we say “You’re not doing it right then!” Get creative. ¬†In fact, we’ll do it for you. ¬†Also – most people run flat groung….great – good start – but you will be surprised how good hills are for you. ¬†In fact – try running on the flat after you’ve been running hills. ¬†You’ll never whinge about flat running again! ¬†Feels so good. ¬†You’ve got multiple rounds of changing distances, and changing elevations.. Each round should be betweeen 4-6 mins (depending on how fast you run) so there’s some mental discipline in there to just keep going. ¬†Suck it up – its only 30 mins-ish of work time.


Give it heaps gang – why the hell not?


Weekly Workouts for the Online Team – Wed at 9am, coming in:
Two really icky type workouts that I love to push through on a challenge day. ¬†Centering around learning to run uphill – everyone’s favourite style of running hey? – and getting your muscle fibres to adapt between training elements.
Uphill running is very very different to flat running. ¬†The style is changed, you need to get heels down and use your bum more, otherwise your calf muscles are going to lock up and blow out faster than you can say “my lungs aren’t working anymore!!”. ¬†And you won’t be able to say that, because your lungs won’t be working anymore ūüôā ¬†3 Rounds of varying hill steepness on a treadmill – it will test your lungs, your legs and your willpower. ¬†Our greatest tip? ¬†Don’t stop. ¬†Change the speed as required definitely….manage you pace. Stopping on the other hand is acknowledging mentally that you have tapped out….and maybe you need to…..but usually, its because you WANT to, not because you need to….slow it down, walk, but don’t stop!
The Transitional Training is another aspect of training, particularly in multi-sports that doesn’t oft get practiced by newcomers, for the simple reason that it can be remarkably unpleasant. ¬†Feeling muscles stiff, changing breathing patterns – this all takes several minutes to change over and its not a walk in the park. ¬†It definitely gets quicker, and it’s definitely worth practicing, as experiencing it all for the first time on race day is a fabulous recipe to hit all sorts of walls. ¬†Get some experience under the belt beforehand hey?
Come Take A Look At:
Enjoy that Hill Run – It’s an absolute banger supreme….lol
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Keeping Training Interesting – Variable Round Workouts

Coming out Tomorrow at 9am to our Online Crew:

You know when you find a workout that you like – it pushes you, or it makes you feel good? ¬†So you stick with it. ¬†You get better at it. ¬†You start to find it pretty easy, but changing it up would mean trying new stuff which would hurt and you wouldn’t be as good at it? ¬†That is the SUPER common rut that most people fall into at some point. ¬†You get SOOOOOO bored with your current workout routine, but are afraid to try something new for fear of not being great at it. ¬†
But it’s super easy for us to say that – we’ve got two workouts that have multiple rounds of work with variability of moves to keep things interesting. ¬†There’s cardio options to keep things comfortable if you are unsure.
Want to take a look at what you get every week?


This workout uses low-impact cardio. ¬†Notice we said low-impact….not “easy”….cos it REALLY isn’t. ¬†We’re upping the elevation on this workout and combining it with static body holds like planks and pushups to really give the core a workout. ¬†Tried doing a plank when you’re really puffing? ¬†It’s VERY challenging. ¬†How about pushups? ¬†Same deal. ¬†What about both? ¬†Oh we had fun creating and testing this one.


Can’t decide what you want to do in your session? ¬†Try this allrounder workout. ¬†It has just about everything! Still short, but with lots of VERY quick changing exercises. You won’t be on one move long enough to care that it’s pushing you if you pick the right weights. ¬†That’s the kicker here – you want to pick weights that are challenging. ¬†We have made suggestions, but if you can smash them all out in one go….given the volume, you’ve gone FARRR too light. ¬†Push for challenge hey!
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All Leg Press & All Assault Bike Workouts

One Move Wonders.  

These two workouts utilise one piece of equipment each. ¬†But hot diggity, it’s the way we use that one machine that makes all the difference.¬† Specific and focused training

Check out what are crew get every week over at:


This melter only uses the leg press machine, but alternate positions to change up the primary activator muscle group. ¬†Some of our crew have been asking for a real leg smashing for a while now and this is going to do it for you. ¬†Weight ranges are to be set so that the specified rep range can achieved with difficulty, but safely. ¬†Whenever you do exercises to fatigue or with heavy weights – be safe. ¬†It’s just not worth taking the risk on an injury.

Assault Mayhem:

Cos Assault Bikes aren’t hard enough already are they? ¬†We’re bringing the traditional pyramid style workout to the assault platform. ¬†Ever changing sets of work followed by ever changing rest sequences. ¬†Options to complete the pyramid from one side or, essentially doing the workout twice. ¬†Oh yes please ūüėČ ¬†We don’t need to remind you how much this thing steals the oxygen out of your body. ¬†Sounds fab hey.

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Online Programs: Cardiovascular – Speed and Functionality

The online squad gets two different cardiovascular type workouts on Wednesday this week:

Double Pump:

Pure speed work, utilising the ability to change through different cardiovascular exercises to achieve maximum energy output….all without blowing up ūüėȬ† Is the first set harder without being warmed up and having to go a bit slower? Or being warmed up for the second lap, but going faster because the body has adjusted. Demonstrating the power of being completely warmed up, watch your speed drastically increase with the body in full gear. Set a high pace – try and hold it.¬†


The second workout is more sedate but a consistent burn.  CROSSCOURT is a circuit program that brings some steady-state cardio, functional strength and boxing into a multi-round program.  Designed with options for quick, medium and long duration workouts Рits an adaptable workout to suit any need.
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