I have been having PT sessions with Pete from Assume its Possible on a weekly basis for the past year and I believe he is one of the most knowledgable, motivated, enthusiastic, reliable trainers around.

At 55 years of age I am amazed at how my strength and fitness levels have improved with his help. Not something I had been able to do on my own.

I enjoy the variety Pete brings to his training sessions although I dont always appreciate it at the time 😁 as Pete will confirm.

All our sessions are challenging and a little scarey at times but are all totally do able. Pete has the ability to bring out in you what you never could imagine possible.

I highly recommend Pete as a trainer for not just the young but for all ages and all fitness levels.

Mandy Weller-Blackhall


I recently joined Ezyfit , 9 months now.
I joined knowing very little of what a gym offers as I’d never even been in one prior.
To my surprise I found friends, exercise and a new life style.

I joined in on all the group classes provided by the gym and found them very beneficial.
Exercise became a need in my life more than a want over night.

Now feeling on top of my game a wanted more …
Here’s where Pete Wand came in ..
Pete’s energy and enthusiasm for his style of teaching was an obvious choice for me.

Pete’s knowledge about different teaching styles is very apparent.
His classes are fun , high energy and so effective.
Pete’s background in sport and personal achievements are huge.

I personally have competed with Pete in Spartan and have another event coming shortly.

If your looking to push yourself beyond your limits and achieve things in your life you once thought unattainable Pete’s your guy.

I’ve been training with Pete in 3 different pt classes a week for awhile and I love it.

Go alone or grab some friends and just do it !!


I have always enjoyed being fit & active but 10 months ago I tore a ligament in one of my knees. Still being keen to exercise I approached Pete from Assume it’s Possible for some personal training advice.

He took the time to explain my injury to me, what my limitations were and also how I could still continue to be active & train regularly.

I am now a regular member of one of Pete’s small group personal training sessions and even though as group members we are different ages and have different fitness level, Pete takes the time to individually cater to each of our needs and I can honestly say that I feel and look fitter and stronger than I ever have. I could not recommend Pete highly enough as a Personal Trainer


When Pete started offering PT sessions 11 months ago we asked if he could do a group session and then jumped right in, we now attend them weekly.
Pete’s unique style of functional training really keeps me interested and I have noticed huge improvements in my fitness levels.
Pete has a way of making workouts fun, although you are hurting, sweating and unsure you can make it through he is there to motivate and guide you the whole way.
I look forward to every group PT session, the excitement comes from the anticipation of “What does he have in store for us today?”
We affectionately call it #deathbypete you feel exhausted by the end of it but almost instantly as soon as its done you also feel so amazing and so accomplished!
If you are looking for a PT that will listen to you and tailor workouts/training to suit your goals, injury requirements or body type then Pete is your guy, I wouldn’t train with anyone else.


Pete holds an Adults Acro group held on a Friday night which my friends and I joined in August last year. We have come ahead in leaps and bounds and are trying moves/disciplines we never could have dreamed of.
Most adults wouldn’t dream of attempting a handstand, back sault, slacklining, fire twirling or a 2-3 person acro pose. We try everything that Pete throws at us as we trust him completely.
If he thinks we can do it then most times we actually can!


Training with Pete has pushed my athletic abilities to places I never thought I’d be capable of. I’ve never felt so positive about nor experienced as much variety in my training. 10/10! 😁