When Pete started offering PT sessions 11 months ago we asked if he could do a group session and then jumped right in, we now attend them weekly.
Pete’s unique style of functional training really keeps me interested and I have noticed huge improvements in my fitness levels.
Pete has a way of making workouts fun, although you are hurting, sweating and unsure you can make it through he is there to motivate and guide you the whole way.
I look forward to every group PT session, the excitement comes from the anticipation of “What does he have in store for us today?”
We affectionately call it #deathbypete you feel exhausted by the end of it but almost instantly as soon as its done you also feel so amazing and so accomplished!
If you are looking for a PT that will listen to you and tailor workouts/training to suit your goals, injury requirements or body type then Pete is your guy, I wouldn’t train with anyone else.