I recently joined Ezyfit , 9 months now.
I joined knowing very little of what a gym offers as I’d never even been in one prior.
To my surprise I found friends, exercise and a new life style.

I joined in on all the group classes provided by the gym and found them very beneficial.
Exercise became a need in my life more than a want over night.

Now feeling on top of my game a wanted more …
Here’s where Pete Wand came in ..
Pete’s energy and enthusiasm for his style of teaching was an obvious choice for me.

Pete’s knowledge about different teaching styles is very apparent.
His classes are fun , high energy and so effective.
Pete’s background in sport and personal achievements are huge.

I personally have competed with Pete in Spartan and have another event coming shortly.

If your looking to push yourself beyond your limits and achieve things in your life you once thought unattainable Pete’s your guy.

I’ve been training with Pete in 3 different pt classes a week for awhile and I love it.

Go alone or grab some friends and just do it !!